5 Reasons Why Your Funding Application Is Unsuccessful:

1. Incomplete business plan or unrealistic and generic business plan.
2. The financial plan does not make sense. It has too many unrealistic estimates. There is no clear plan of how the farm will sustain itself as a business.
3. No financial records and business track record
4. There is no on-the-ground market data and proof of market documentation such as take-off agreements, letters of intent, local market data
5. Not all supporting documents are submitted with the application form.

Note: There are requirements that need to be met before your application can be processed. And if you do not meet those requirements, you’ll be disqualified. Tomorrow we will be talking about why government agriculture funding takes long to approve and how as a farmer, applicant can make the funding application and farm selection process easier for government funding agencies and thus shorten the processing period.

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